Crumble V

14 April

I went yesterday to see my gynecologist and spoke to her about what I found on the web and she told exactly the same and that it's possible to be pregnant and not knowing. She said that because I was an athlete and I have done a lot of workouts, my belly doesn't stretch as expected because I had developed strong muscles and also my skin is not to thin and that's why also I didn't feel the baby. She also told me that this could have been a psychological problem too because I didn't know I was pregnant so my mind totally ignored the symptoms.

After this I know now that it is possible to get pregnant and not know until you give birth but still rest the question: How I got pregnant?


After more than a week searching for information on the web and take care of the baby and not sleeping, I found on a website, how to make hypnosis. I called my best friend to come and help me out with it, I hope it works and it helps me to remember.

While I was on the internet I also found in a newspaper that the hypnotist that I saw weeks ago had an accident on a boat in Miami, says that while he was swimming he got caught by the engine propellers, it seems like someone started the engine by accident.

I really think that's horrible and it's not like I doubt about police investigation but after what he said to me before he goes, make me think that maybe it was not an accident.

But if it was not, why somebody would not want him to help me? What are they hiding?


  1. Todo me resulta muy intrigante. El embarazo imposible, el accidente sospechoso y... ¡Bueno!, la intriga no se te da nada mal, yo diría que se te da muy bien.
    Espero que algún día empieces a indigar sobre el amor (que nunca has sentido), tal vez te sorprendas a ti misma.

    Saludos amiga.

  2. un blog muy bueno :D! espero que te pases por el mio aunque yo no escribo historias

  3. Un accidente... sí, claro! De accidente nada!! (Según yo, vamos xD) Estoy deseando que cuelgues más historia!!! Un saludín! :D

  4. It's so strange, I'm follow the story with a lot of atention, and I wait that the hypnosis will be useful.
    I read to you, you know!
    You can visit me in my blogs ^^




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