Beautiful Sky!



Today I've waked up like everyday and after opening the window and look at the sky, I saw this beautiful ring of colors around the sun.

I have to be honest, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever see. I though at the beginning it was a rainbow but after searching on the internet I've found it was a solar halo. The solar halo is an arc or a circle light that occurs around the Sun, when the light of this star is experiencing a phenomenon of refraction by ice crystals suspended in the troposphere.

Apart from the technical explanation. I love the visual effect of it, I don't know but I felt happy after I saw it :)

I felt full of positive energy

I hope you love the pictures, I tried my best to capture the moment.


  1. Baby!
    Qué lindo!
    Yo no lo pude ver, bu :(
    Pero si vi el arcoiris de hace dos semanas masomenos!
    Un beso,

  2. p.d.: Me encantan los nuevos colores de tu blog ;)

  3. El arcoiris es lo mas♥

    Me gusta el nuevo look de tu blog, yo soy tan cambiante que nunca me decido XD

    Hace tiempo no veo uno :(

    Besitos :)


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