sábado, 5 de febrero de 2011

Crumble X

26th April 9:00 am

After finding out that the hospital and the ware house were used before as a hospital for illegal abortions. I think about if this place was the same of my dreams doesn’t have sense because I was pregnant and I gave birth some time after. So maybe this place has nothing to do with what it was before. I going to see another gynecologist to find out if something had changed on me before or after my pregnancy.

26th April 1:00 pm

Something is really wrong. I can barely write. I found out today that I can’t have more kids. Mrs. Sorvoure has told me that my ovules were extracted. I told her it was impossible because I have a baby and she answered that probably they were extracted after my pregnancy. I don’t understand… I wonder how it is possible. What have they done to me? I have put a demand in the police station against the hospital. I had to present the results that Mrs Sorvoure gave to me .They say they are going to investigate because this hospital is the only one I visited in my whole life. They said they are going to make a tracing to this place but I’m not going to sit and wait for the police to do their job. I’m going to find out by myself what it’s going on here.