domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Crumble VI

23 April

Mi best friend hypnotized me and it worked, I actually saw a little bit more about the day in the old hospital. I saw myself filling blanks in a paper. I also saw a lot of women in the lobby sitting on a big green Victorian couch but the group of women was divided in two groups, one group was of very elegant women on their thirties or forties and the other group was of very young ladies on their twenties. It is a shame but I couldn't see anything else.

I'm going to get back to the hospital where I gave birth and talk with doctor Mankiewicz maybe he can give me more answers or some information that could help me out.

25 April

I went to see doctor Mankiewicz in the hospital and he told me that after the caesarian when I was under the influence of the anesthesia, I mentioned that I was terribly frightened because I was raped. I told him that I really try to remember but I couldn't, he said that he can’t help me more.

I went home totally devastated because I didn’t get an answer as I hope but something more frightened was about to happen. I got back home and I found that the door of my apartment was forced, I went in and all my things were jumbled like someone was searching for something and at the beginning I thought that someone wanted to steal something but all my belongings were there, so what this person want?.

I called the police but as nothing has been stolen, they left the case.

Para todos los seguidores de esta historia les informo que está por llegar a su fin así que no se lo pierdan, disculpen si demoro en postear, es que ya comenzaron las clases en la universidad y estoy un poco atareada.
Un gran abrazo para ustedes. XD

sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

Crumble V

14 April

I went yesterday to see my gynecologist and speak to her about what I found on the web and she told exactly the same and that it's possible to be pregnant and not knowing. She said that because I was an athlete and I have done a lot of workout, my belly was not too thin because I had developed my muscles and that's why maybe me skin didn't stretch and that's why also I didn't feel the baby. She also told me that this could have been a psychological problem too because I didn't know I was pregnant so my mind totally ignored the symptoms.

After this I know now that it is possible to get pregnant and not know until you give birth but still rest the question: How I got pregnant?


After more than a week searching for information on the web and take care of the baby and not sleeping I found on a website, how to make hypnosis. I called my best friend to come and help me out with it, I hope it works and it helps me to remember.

While I was on internet I also found in a newspaper that the hypnotist that I saw weeks ago had an accident on a boat in Miami, says that while he was swimming he got caught by the engine propellers, it seems like someone started the engine by accident.

I really think that's horrible and it's not like I doubt about police investigation but after what he said to me before he goes, make me think that maybe it was not accident.

But if it was not, why somebody would not want him to help me? What are they hiding?

sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Crumble IV


Today I was supposed to see the hypnotist again to help me out with my problem. I went to his office and he was not there the secretary told me he was going on vacations. I thought that was very weird because I made an appointment for today, I asked and begged the secretary to give me his telephone number and address. He didn’t pick up the phone as I expected so I went to his house and I saw him with his baggage getting in a taxi; I run and get to the taxi windows and ask him why he was leaving he said he had to, and I insisted and asked him why he had to. After a couple of seconds he just said: “They make me leave” and then the taxi go. I thought “They make him go?” THEY, who?


After the scary situation of yesterday I had been looking for information on internet and I discovered that it is possible to get pregnant and not knowing. It’s a very strange case but it happens. It says that women confused period with pregnancy bleeding, I didn’t have symptoms as nauseas or cravings and they said that’s normal not every women experienced symptoms.

But what about the belly, it must grow with the baby doesn’t it? My baby was not big but I should have felt him or see him in my stomach.

martes, 10 de agosto de 2010

Crumble III

7 April

Today I’m going to see a hypnotist, I found him in a newspaper and it says that he make regressions.
8 April

I’m totally in shock and confused right now. Yesterday I went to the hypnotist and during the regression session I see myself in a very weird and kind of old room, there were a lot of people walking by and all the walls were cover with a wallpaper with green flowers.

I see also that I get in a room with two beds, one was empty but in the other it was a woman, seems like she had a surgery earlier. Other women, very elegant was walking out, she saw me and say: it’s the first time you came? You are going to go out of here as a new woman.

After that I just saw myself in the bed of the room and I saw next to me a woman with a logo on her chest, it says: “Fertilization and something else that was not clear and under it says Katrien”

I don’t know what to think right now because maybe my mind is putting me a trick. I mean I don’t remember going to this place. How could it be possible?

This weekend I going to see the hypnotist again, he’s going to try to make me remember a little bit more of that situation.

jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

Crumble II

2 April

I drove to the hospital and talk with doctor Mankiewicz and he told me something that really surprised me. He said I was still a virgin when I gave birth, he said my hymen was intact, like I said, I was a virgin so what the doctor said didn't surprised me really but it was scary because if I wasn’t raped, how I got pregnant?

I drove to see my gynecologist and explain her everything that happened to me and he told me that sometimes hymen doesn’t break after having sex; they called it elastic hymen that’s very hard to break so it gives a possibility that I had this elastic hymen and get pregnant by having normal sex.
On the other hand I had a Caesarean operation because of my conditions I could not give birth in a normal way, dilatation was not enough.

In my drive home I thought about all these things that I heard today and then another question came to me. Because of the fact that you must use a sperm to get pregnant; there’s a possibility that I was raped, but the problem is that I don't remember being raped, so what is the explanation for my sudden pregnancy?

5 April

All these days, I’ve been thinking and trying to remember anything that could help me to clear my doubts, but nothing.

Anyways it has been really hard for me to take care of the baby and at the same time study and trying to find the answer for my unknowing pregnancy. I have already left my job and my mom is helping me with the baby but this mystery is killing me.

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Crumble I

30 March

For so many years I practiced a lot of Sports. I have been chosen the best in athletics and today, 9 month after I win a gold medal, I’m in a hospital about to give birth a little boy. I never knew I was pregnant till today, how is that possible?

1 April

I have had all these months my normal period, my belly never grew, nothing made me suspect that I was pregnant or that something weird was going on, everything was pretty normal.

Now I think that the main question would be who is the father? I mean, I’m a virgin; everyone that knows me is aware of that, I never had sex with anyone, and now they tell me I’m pregnant?

Is it really happening to me? It seems like a bad dream, a nightmare or worst, but it’s not a dream the baby has my eyes and mouth but for me is still strange; I can’t identify him as my son.

The true is that I’m awake, what I’m going to do now? I’m my twenties I have a life waiting for me. I’m in college and I’m about to finish my career, what I’m going to do with a baby. All of this is very confusing, I try hard to remember what happened what happened, maybe I was drugged and raped at a club; there must be a logical explanation. First of all I’m going to see the doctors of the hospital where I gave birth, they must know something.