Crumble III

7 April

Today I’m going to see an hypnotist, I found him on a newspaper and it says that he make regressions.

8 April

I’m totally in shock and confused right now. Yesterday I went to the hypnotist and during the regression session I see myself in a very weird and kind of old room, there were a lot of people walking by and all the walls were cover with a green flowers wallpaper 

I also saw myself lying in a bed of a room but there are two more beds, one was empty but in the other there was a woman, seems like she had a surgery earlier. Other woman, very elegant was walking out, she saw me and say: it’s the first time you came? You are going to go out of here as a new woman.

After that I lost consciousness and saw myself in the bed of the room and next to me there was a woman with a logo on her chest, it says: “Fertilization and something else that was not clear and under it says Katrien”

I don’t know what to think right now because maybe my mind is putting me a trick. I mean I don’t remember going to this place. How could it be possible?

This weekend I going to see the hypnotist again, he’s going to try to make me remember a little bit more of that situation.


  1. Um.. que historia tan extraña...

  2. Me estoy intrigando tanto como con un libro. ¡¡Es genial!!


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