Crumble IV


Today I was supposed to see the hypnotist again to help me out with my problem. I went to his office and he was not there. His secretary told me that he was on vacations. I thought that it was very weird because I made an appointment for today. I asked and begged the secretary to give me his telephone number and address. He didn’t pick up the phone as I expected so I went to his house and I saw him with his baggage getting in a taxi; I ran and got to the taxi window and ask him why he was leaving he said he had to, I insisted and asked him why he had to. After a couple of seconds he just said: “They make me leave” and then the taxi left. I thought “They make him go?” THEY, who?


After the scary situation of yesterday I had been looking for information on internet and I discovered that it is possible to get pregnant and not knowing. It’s a very strange case but it happens. It says that women confuse period with pregnancy bleeding, I didn’t have symptoms as nauseas or cravings and it says that is pretty normal that not every women experience symptoms.

But what about the belly, it must grow with the baby doesn’t it? My baby was not big but I should have felt him or see him in my stomach.


  1. Pues si, los embarazos hacen crecer la barriguita!.
    Es un caso muy estraño, si señorita, pero la hipnosis y la informacion en Internet, no creo que sean de mucha ayuda, creo.

    Interesante entrada.
    Personalmente, me gusta mas leerte en español, ¡no tengo nada en contra del ingles!, que conste.

    Saludos amiga.

  2. Otro enigma, la persona que a lo mejor puede ayudarla se va forzada... Oh Dios! Me tienes totalmente enganchada!

  3. I begin to read to you, but I have to read the previous posts, I think xD
    I'll come here again, I like the place :)
    (I prefer Spanish, but I have to practise my English, sorry for my mistakes >.<)
    I follow you!
    Bye! ♥



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