Crumble IX

25th April 6:00 am

I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about the “warehouse” and the frightening scream I heard. Every time I try to sleep, I close my eyes and all I see is this strange place and the strange nurse. I think I need to go back there and find out what's going on.

25th April 11:00

I was searching on the internet information about the Health & Wellness hospital. It said that this hospital has 5 years of operation and it was never involved in troubles with any patient. I wonder what it was before because the building seems to have more than 5 years. I’m going to see in the local Municipality if there’s any information about this place.

25th April 6:00 pm

I’m totally blown away, I went to the local Municipality and I found some information that clears things up and now I really believe that this place has something to do with what has happened to me. I found out that in the 80’s this hospital was a big property including the old building now use as a “warehouse” and I found out that in this place there was a doctor Williams that made some illegally abortions and there is a rumor around this place. People say that this doctor was involved in trade of ovules. I don’t know how true is this information but I really believe that this hospital is related to it. Tomorrow no matter how scared I’m I need to go and try to see what’s going on in this warehouse.


  1. Este doctor Williams abortista ilegal involucrado en el comercio de óvulos me empieza a caer mal.

    Esperaremos haber que pasa mañana en ese tétrico almacen. Esto cada vez está mas interesante.

    Un abrazo, amiga!!.


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