Crumble VIII

24 April -11:00 am

After talking with the doctor I walked away the hospital thinking about this nurse and how she could be connected with my pregnancy. On my way out, I passed through the garden and I saw the big old building. I approached a little bit to see exactly what it was. I was walking near the side wall and when I turned to the front wall I saw a nurse, with the same lab coat as this woman Katrien was wearing, getting into the old building. I thought I was strange because she was carrying some clean blankets into the “warehouse”, I mean why she would take clean blankets to the place were they supposed to keep old machinery? What about if it was not a warehouse? I walked really slowly to the front door to see if there was a window or something that helps me see into the building. When I was close to the door I hear someone opening the front door from the inside, I ran and hide myself behind a tree. I saw another nurse but she was carrying some kind of bottles with some kind of liquid inside, maybe water, I don’t know. I approach to the window and I saw a big kind of hall with wooden floor, looks clean, it seems like they were using this place for something more important than just a warehouse. Passing the hall there was a room and the door was half open, I saw a really white light coming out of it. I couldn't see anything actually and then I heard a loud and frightening scream. I fall from the window and I ran as fast as I could to my car and I left the place.

Saludos a todos, disculpen que siempre tenga el blog abandonado, pero la universidad me tiene como loca. Gracias a dios el ciclo está apunto de terminar, así que espero tener tiempo para estar mas seguido por aquí.
Les dejo un capítulo más de "Crumble" espero les guste y espero todavia recuerden, los antiguos capítulos.



  1. Ese lugar creo que encierra mucho más de lo que aparenta. Seguimos en "ascuas"!!. Intrigante lo de la enfermera.

    Un abrazo, amiga¡¡. Espero pronto el próximo capítulo.

  2. I have passed a lot of time without to read the blog. I'm really sorry :S
    I have read this chapter, and I love the story more and more each time I read a bit more.
    I'm going to read the rest, there are a couple of chapters more ;)




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