I want to GIVE UP

I want to give up,

To forget everything and everyone.

Is not worth giving everything,

'cause you never get anything back

I want to give up,

nobody appreciates your efforts;

the only thing you receive, are complaints.

For anybody your efforts are enough,

and the worst thing is the fact

that not even for you they are enough.

I want to give up,

I am not a human being any more,

I am a heap of scraps

that everyone took from me

and then threw away.

I want to give up,

I want to find myself,
my happiness,

my dreams,

my life.

I want to give up,

give up on  life
but never ever give up
on me 'cause I want o know,
what is just around the corner.



  1. Oh sweetie.. there's so much to say about this, but I think your poem really sums it up. Life really sucks, doesn't it? I have tried to find myself in the last couple of months.. but I think that even when I do find myself, it still won't make any sense. Life won't make any sense. The sadest thing is that when you give up life, you give up everything, including yourself, your goals, your dreams, the people you love. Absolutely everything. And even when the alternative is not very promising, I'm going to ask you not to give up yet, ok? (I'm not having a good day, as you can see, sorry for the emo comment).

  2. I think sometimes the best thing you can do to actually find yourself is give up on life for a moment. I think sometimes you have to leave everything and get away to find yourself because if you don't do it, you just stay in the midle of this whirlwind of pain that takes you even more down and down and never stops unless you do something and for me that is give up!

  3. No debes renunciar a nada.
    Por mucho que alguien se empeñe en que no sea así, tu felicidad, tus sueños y tu vida, son de tanto valor, que ni el mas grande de los tesoros, podrá nunca igualar.

    ¡Eres única!. Saludos.


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